The Kill Switch

The Kill Switch that will stop WW3 Nuclear annihilation. "Code name: Droplet"
An unnamed insider who calls her self Julius who claims to be the wife of a Builderberg member claims she read a document her husband had in his safety deposit box named  "Code: Droplet". Julius claims that this 20 to 25 page document was labeled in bold with the word "Scenario". According to Julius she was greatly frightened by the fact even though it  was labeled scenario it was evident this was no Scenario but real master plan. Julius claims it had a list of cities in which the droplet was located. London , Madrid, New York, Denver, Shanghai, Moscow and several more cities in the middle east.

 Julius  remembers reading about a "1918D",  a genetically mutated Influenza from 1918 otherwise known as the "Spanish Flu." Julius said she remembers 1918D being 13 times more deadly than the strain which killed approximately 50 million people during the 1918 to 1923.
"Code: Droplet"  stated that in the event of a nuclear threat Builderberg would release the "1918D" to prevent a nuclear destruction of the world. The document used the word  "Kill Switch" that will bring the world to their knees or a massive pandemic in which would be the ultimate Nuclear deterrent. Julius noted the document stressed that a Nuclear annihilation which will make planet earth inhabitable is not an option and 1918D was the only way to prevent human extinction. Julius claims she contact a three major media outlets but was ignored and in two cases was rudely treated as if she was nut job conspiracy theorist.
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