Contradictions In Leftist Psychology Featured

Contradictions In Leftist Psychology
The Psychology of Verbal Distortion: (shortened version.)

Column By: Toddy Grimwall

A psychological compendium on the pathology of distortion 

 There are terms that can be perceived as" intellectually honest, definitive terms”, a rather blanket statement for most individuals who comprehend. However, there are certain individuals who have a pathological delusion of what specific terms mean and they find it acceptable to distort the terms. This combined with an antagonistic attack on the societal norm even for something as simple as Gender. For instance in Ontario, Canada The list of protected gender identities is available online and includes options such as “gender bender,”“two spirits,” “third sex,” “androgynous,” “gender gifted,” and “pangender.”  

Rather than adhere to the scientific human designation of male and female the preference is distorted into rather uncommon usages. A city official confirmed that all of the listed identities are protected by the city’s anti-discrimination laws. However, the city does not provide definitions of the various gender identities in totality. A rather huge disparity that contradicts the other defined laws. So now that the gender inept have been pandered to and accommodated by a law that is just as inept for those who are psychologically inept who can't pragmatically discern if they're male or female.

 Usually for those who can't figure it out, the tell tale test is reading your birth certificate or just looking in your pants, that’s of course given the option of wearing pants or the alternative. However, it seems that some individuals tend to go so far as to distort their body through surgical procedures. Quite an unnatural event by any means .So once they push their agenda that far they then tend to utilize the distorted psychologically enhanced descriptive gender definitions they create. This is probably because they have no definitive relationship with real gender because they are in denial of who they actually are or are in surgical transition and lack the constitution and resolution to accept themselves the way they were. 

They grumble because we don't accept them as they are when they themselves have not accepted themselves for what they are. Instead run desperately to a surgeon and get changed.  How about going to a psychologist if you’re that confused? Thus their psychological need is to disassociate with their true bodies and pretend in a fantasy world because of their gender dysphoria. They'd rather feed their fantasy than admit reality or do the proper research to come to grips with the exact undistorted terminology. 

This is intrinsically how some definitions change over a period of years. The delusional mind tends to perceive in a total different manner. They think they can distort not only the words and meanings but the fabric of reality to suit themselves. And thus they have a conflict with reality when it comes to defining.

In another part of the world take the word Antifa A radical political movement that opposes fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing authoritarianism. Even though antifa means anti-Fascist, what they really mean is completely the opposite because of their fascist tactics of attacking individuals for no reason.  A tendency to manipulate the rough edges and make it sound quite mitigated. You can apply this to not only the mentally sick which whom we have no opposition or grievance toward because they can't help what they do but the brainwashed leftists do this with intention of doing it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there is a wide chasm between our civilized society and their backwards undeveloped lawless cretin society, not to mention the difference in mentalities! They even go so far as to claim themselves to be humanitarians. Humanitarians don't violate the concept of helping by being violent. I comprehend the humanitarian mindset and I know the vast difference between those who help and those who hinder. Consider that savages are not capable of compunction or logical level headed reasoning.

They say their cause is humanitarian but what they do is completely the opposite, thus another definition becomes distorted. Ideological subversion isn't an answer to solving problems. The root to solving problems is actually articulate dialogue, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Unfortunately the 'protesters' want to be seen as the victim while they're in fact the instigators so they're trying to provoke the police and government to make them the victim. However, being a victim is not instigating trouble because instigating trouble is being an antagonist and being an antagonist is actually victimizing people-- not being a victim.

The protestors call us fascists even though they are the ones using fascist tactics. There is one constant that I noticed that is obvious in these ideologues and that is that they lack Temporal  spatialization :The temporal lobe is involved in primary auditory perception, such as hearing, and holds the primary auditory cortex. The primary auditory cortex receives sensory information from the ears and secondary areas and process the information into meaningful units such as speech and words. You can speak in a logical sense to them and point out their folly but they will hang on to their ideology for dear life rather than be inclined to what Buddhists call being self aware.

It's not entirely beyond my logical comprehension because there is evident characteristic logistics to it. Yes, there is a psychological footprint there! That psychological footprint is being pathologically inept of being aware of their selves and their own actions. Did you notice that much of it is hypocritical? They'll call you a fascist even though they are using fascist rhetoric. At Berkeley where they protested for free speech in the 60's they now want to subdue free speech because if someone is a conservative they want to shut them up.

They don't want any opposition because that will inevitably prove them wrong and like all spoiled brats, they don't want to be wrong so their concept is eliminate the competition. That in itself is a fascist movement not to mention the national socialist implications that are running rampant within those confines. Of course they will disagree with this concept because they are point blank fascists! They'll call you racist because you agree with the conservative concept of   Vetting immigrants that may prove detrimental to our country!

  However, they will call a black conservative an Uncle Tom! That in itself is racist, so we see another implied contradiction. The liberals are supposedly against big corporations and yet 6 liberal corporations own all of the news media which should be considered a monopoly! However, they think the news media is a viable resource even though the liberal news media expounds lies and half truths. Liberals without a sense of differentiating between veracity and misinformation become gullible lemmings and pander to the propaganda ministry because the quality of being gullible has been on high ebb to the liberals because they see the media as unquestionable!

Yet again remember they're against big corporations! Now let's take the word racist and how that word has been so distorted. For instance they call Trump a racist even though Trump has a large following of black people. Is it possible these black people would follow a racist?

Hardly the fact! It's that the word has been distorted for the convenience of the liberals to influence anyone who is either engaged in naïveté who are motivated by peer pressure or those who follow an ideology without questioning its purpose. The word has been overused and consequently ineffective of its true meaning. It's the liberal left that has been the true racists!

They are attempting to tear down the core beliefs of white males because they ultimately think we have been too blessed and have a silver spoon in our mouths at all times. The concept of this is totally preposterous since I myself am witness to being born in the ghetto and experiencing the disparities involved so their equation is basically flawed. Liberals have a dependency on the misuse of their own logic. Little do they know they are contradiction artists and in effect engage in Cognitive dissonance..

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term that describes the uncomfortable tension that results from having two conflicting thoughts at the same time or from engaging in behavior that conflicts with one's supposed beliefs. Those with any significant insight are aware of the present turmoil the liberals are experiencing.... 



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