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The Making of a News Media
Contribution From a Deputy Writer
By:Deputy Contributor
Toddy Grimwall

     A man sits back in his leather couch pointing a remote at the large wall hung TV. The TV comes to life with a news report on a local channel. “If you support President Trump, you’re a racist. Or more specifically; you’re “complicit” in the spreading of Trump’s racism.”

      An angered voice in the room says “What? These people are lunatics   “. The remote goes up and changes the channel, a reporter on the news channel blurts out “Donald Trump called all Mexicans rapists and killers”.  The remote rises again and changes the channel. As I sit back and scratch my head and ponder in ceaseless curiosity at the main stream media and the obvious lean they have toward their liberal counterparts.

      The obviousness of their favoritism is on a daily schedule. It rather befuddles an Individual with a higher standard of thinking to sit down and watch a news program or read through common magazine news article and hear and read the same worn out liberal trends about President Donald Trump.  It's a constant barrage of persona bashing rhetoric, not on a mitigated or respectable capacity either. On a scale of rudeness from 1 to 10 , one being the lesser and ten being the worst , this reporter would give the news media a 9 and many times that 9 would step over the threshold to a 10.  Most of the rhetoric you hear is mostly on attacking Donald Trump ! There is nothing that has come of it, none of it is factual. It's all conspiracy theories.

       One week Trumps a Russian operative the next week he's going to cause world war three with Korea and the following week he's a racist, what's it going to be next week? So what's happened to America's free press? If you would check out and perform the research on all of this ad nauseum you’ll be quite surprised that the so called free press is attempting to make Trump look bad by passing off misinformation as the truth. By their constant barrage of accusations of Trump it's obvious what’s on their agenda, why it’s collusion with the liberals! The media is obviously a part of the systemic problem of what’s really going on in the United States.

      Yes, educated America is getting nauseated by the news. I believe journalists absolute number one obligation to its public is to tell the truth. At least that's what I have believed since I was a child. No, the truth is not to elaborate on what an individual thinks the truth is and it's not pushing an ideology down someone's throat and certainly not lying for the sake of entertainment or sensationalism either.

      America demands the truth!  Another thing many journalists are in violation of is the ubiquitous and ever pervasive ethics regulation. What is that you may ask? The number one cardinal rule is that news shall only be reported where accuracy is substantiated. Please make note that there are sometimes ( I say sometimes because it's not enforced for lack of a certain keynote figure called a consequences to journalists actions as well but seemingly doesn't happen enough.)

      Proof of such occurrences came in late June when CNN was forced to retract a story saying the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating the nature of a meeting between a Trump transition team official and an executive of a Russian investment fund. The network said the story didn’t go through the supposed established checks and has apologized for any wrong doing.           

      Rumor has it that the writer, editor and the head of the research unit resigned. Unfortunately, I think that journalists have been doing this for quite some time now and we just didn't notice until they started printing verifiable lies and utilizing blue screen which both CNN and MSNBC were caught doing..

      I guess the systemic problem goes back to the 1960's when After the Kennedy assassination, news correspondent  and CBS news anchor Dan Rather was one of the few individuals who got to see the Zapruder film before the mass audience of Americans viewed it . Dan Rather said, pertaining to which way the president's head moved: “The head goes forward with considerable violence”. Now everybody has basically seen the Zapruder film and watching president Kennedy's head move backwards and to his left which leads me to  think Dan Rather is just another mouthpiece for the American propaganda machine .

      Why would anyone in their right mind report the opposite of what happened? I'll tell you why! More than likely Mr. Rather thought the Zapruder film would never air! That, or he was hoping that across the time span of fifty years people will forget but that's NOT the case here is it Mr. Rather?

       We don’t forget, do we? His false claim puts him in the category of “LIAR", plain and simple! So in the realm of logical reality it boils down to the Truth cannot be disputed and lies and propaganda can be shot full of holes. Everyone seems to agree and consider the consequences of bending the truth or playing hocus pocus with the truth.

      The truth is not a malleable substance to bend at ones will. Telling the truth should be at the top of every journalists list.  Back in 2014 research was done under the guise of the “American Journalist" and found that out of 1,080 journalists surveyed , 28% were liberals , 7% conservative and 50% were independents . These numbers are pretty much skewed based on what's coming out of newsrooms.

      The basic ethical principles of U.S. journalism descriptively expounded in the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics are suppose to be followed by journalists intently because their charter is to inform the public in a non-partisan, truthful manner. Let me repeat that again just in case you missed it: TO INFORM THE PUBLIC IN A NON-PARTISAN, TRUTHFUL MANNER. This charter is supposedly journalisms response to cognitive bias's and errors. They are supposed to correct these Cognitive biases and errors and express the truth in their endeavors. These particular cognitive biases are stereotyping, confirmation bias, bandwagon effect and fundamental attribution error etc.

      The executive director of the American Press Institute, Tom Rosenstiel, concludes, “The numbers say newsrooms tilt independent.” My question for Mr. Rosenstiel would be “what news service are you talking about because it's definitely NOT the news service in the United States where the majority is liberal. Journalists in general should step back and reflect on the consequences of not telling the truth. If you’re going to be ideological manipulators the majority of self respecting individuals who may be considered your audience will never listen to you or read your columns anymore based on your propaganda!

      That's right I said it “propaganda"! The last time the world had experienced such a level of propaganda had been in Nazi Germany in the 1930's and 1940's where the minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would psychologically manipulate the people to the will of Adolph Hitler and the national socialist philosophy.

        Joseph Goebbels said”If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”(, 2017)

       There is an urgent need in society to see shows and programs and read articles that aren't tainted with the seething ideological propaganda.  Case in point, watch the Steven Colbert show, a supposed comedy program and if you’re a conservative you will find it less than funny based on the jokes are at the expense of a conservative fall guy. Not very funny Colbert! Is truth that difficult to find?

        Is everyone actually listening or are they that gullible that they can be easily fooled by the media and Hollywood? My advice to everyone who thinks the news media is factual: Turn off the TV and throw away the magazines and start doing the real research and DON'T  believe everything you see and hear , especially on TV ! Bill Kovach , a well read and respected journalist with Nieman Reports ,a website and quarterly print publication covering thought leadership in journalism which I might add promotes a superb editorial mission charter .  Bill says “So what does a journalist’s obligation to the truth mean?

       “Journalists themselves have never been very clear about what they mean by truthfulness. Journalism by nature is reactive and practical rather than philosophical and introspective. Rather than rushing to add context and interpretation, the press needs to concentrate on synthesis and verification. Whether it is secrecy or inability, the failure by journalists to articulate what they do leaves citizens all the more suspicious that the press is either deluding itself or hiding something." I agree with Bill entirely but I think they're doing both, deluding themselves and hiding something! (Bill Kovach 2016)

       So what's really going on here?  One shakes their head in wonderment at the mechanisms and motivation behind all this negative rhetoric from the liberals and the news media. Well first, the last eight years we had a liberal pirate in the White House doing whatever he darn well pleases. I don’t say president because what we experienced the last 8 years pre-Trump was not a valid presidential experience, it was a misinformation fiasco.

       Obama is a staunch follower of Saul Alinsky and not to mention one of Obama’s role models and author of “Rules for Radicals”. If you read the book it should be entitled “Rules for spoiled brats.”  Saul Alinsky was a supposed Humanitarian, I say supposed because it’s a fact that many subversive groups embed themselves in with the poor and minorities.  In most cases if you’re a humanitarian group you are helping the poor by teaching them how to fill out a job application and the importance of having  a good work ethic and telling them to continue their education and become an independent individual.

       Right? However, leftist groups tend to exploit the poor and minorities instead and use them as pawns in their fight to take over. Once the establishment is taken over the newly found government is usually worse than the previous government. Why? Well it boils down to inexperience and limited intelligence and the concept that activists make poor level headed diplomatic and logical leaders.

       Let me also point out that Saul Alinsky was once employed by Frank Nitty who was Al Capone’s second in command to Chicago’s Criminal activities. Impressed yet? Another of Obama’s role models is (Obama proclaims this on video) Frank Marshall Davis, once the chief editor of the Chicago Star, a communist newspaper with the motto of” Forward”. Does this ring a bell yet?

       If that’s not a dead giveaway I don’t know what is! No, it didn’t start with Obama but he opened the door for more trouble and escorted it in because of his affiliation with a lot of subversive antagonistic groups such as the communist party etc. who is touting that the communists were making inroads towards democracy which is more misinformation. The communists are miserable people and want to make everyone else just as miserable and couldn’t care less about democracy since they’re obviously communist.

       So why is there so much lying and misinformation being passed around? I’ll tell you why, the liberals and the mass media do not want to see the conservatives succeed because the conservatives have a better plan and its working. Take Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker who found himself up against a recall election in 2012 supported by antagonistic liberals and Milwaukee’s liberal mayor Tom Barrett who by the way was on the losing side of that recall (fiasco) election.  That just goes to show you, you can’t keep stepping on the feet of conservative voters.

       Recently The Wisconsin state Assembly passed the bill for Foxconn. The state Senate must now pass it in identical form before it goes forward into the hands of Walker for his signature and approval. Foxconn has said the plant could employ up to 13,000 workers. Scott Walker is now touting the potential that a massive Foxconn Technology Group plant being built in Wisconsin could have not only 13,000 jobs on hand but it’s a positive note for Wisconsin's health care industry.

      Walker specifies that it’s a remarkable opportunity for Wisconsin’s job market and the health industry. Walker was addressed the University of Wisconsin Hospital doctors and other university leaders a couple weeks ago to mention the statewide benefits that the display screen manufacturing facility will bring to the state of Wisconsin. Now consider that the Wisconsin state assembly passed the measure on a 59-30 vote, with three Democrats joining 56 majority Republicans in support. Twenty-eight Democrats and two Republicans voted against it.

      Did you read the aforementioned paragraph? There are thirty democrats on the Wisconsin State assembly and 28 of them want to stick to their high and mighty ideology and of course cast their seats to the wind by stepping on the progress of Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin and the job market. That my friend is a case in point that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the democrats don’t care about you or me. If it was up to the democrats Wisconsinites would be on welfare while they (the democrats) sit back and collect their paychecks and run the State of Wisconsin into the ground.

      The Local liberal newspaper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that” Wisconsin Republicans are failing the people of our state and are unabashedly putting political gain over the needs of its people.” Really? It sounds to me like the liberal Journal Sentinel needs to examine who is really looking for political gain.

       The net result is that the democrats are now losing the battleground by not getting their candidates and proponents into office even though they spend (waste) large amounts of cash to support their efforts and it should be a slam dunk but alas it’s not. Democrats are being uprooted and thrown to the pasture. They are being ousted because of their true leanings towards the American people of the United States. Now to reaffirm that if the contemporary news media doesn’t straighten their act out, there will be a revolt against them as well because they are the components of this antithetical movement that the left has created. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of them.



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